Good attitude

Attitude is generally defined as how you look at a situation and at others around you. Each day you decide what your attitude will be and how you will present yourself. It is the one thing which no other person can control, or teach you. Your attitude for the day will affect not only work, but the people around you and the outcome of the day. A good attitude can bring positive results to most any situation.

When it comes to jobs and ex-offenders, many employers are willing to overlook your criminal history as long as you have three basic items required for the job:

  • A good job attitude
  • Good ability
  • Good comprehension

Notice in which order these are in because having a good job attitude is the most sought after requirement any employer will ask for. The second item, good comprehension, can be achieved over time as can the third item, good ability. Employers will not mind teaching someone who shows the ability to learn and the willingness to do what it takes to learn. Even if you are lacking in the last two items, having a good attitude about the job can help you overcome other obstacles at work.

Having a good job attitude will also be useful during the job search as well. Ex-offenders seeking jobs will most often be judged by the employers initial reaction to the ex-offender. If the attitude isn't there, the job will not be there. Here are a few tips which may help.

  • Work should be something you want to do, not something you force yourself to do
  • View the job as a tool to gain new experiences, methods and ideas
  • View the job as a way to achieve your goals
  • View the bad co-workers as rocks you navigate around and leave behind you on your journey forward
  • View the work as your contribution to yourself

Having a good job attitude can overcome anything between a job and the ex-offender. If you have a good enough attitude about work, employers are more willing to overlook other areas such as:

  • Criminal history
  • Education level
  • Work experience
  • Life experience

You can not change your past or your experiences; but with a good attitude you can improve and change the outcome of your future experiences. Life is mainly what you put into the mix. If you don't like the mixture, try to look at things from a different view then reconsider what is in the mix. You are the only person who can change the outcome of your life and the attitude you present to the world. Jobs and opportunities for ex-offenders are available daily with the right outlook and attitude.