How to present your

We won't patronize you by telling you look as if you know how to dress yourself, use a comb and do basic personal hygiene.

You know that.

Presentation is about a lot more than appearances, and you can shoot yourself in the foot very easily, before you even put it in your mouth.

Presentation in this case is how you present as a potential employee.

The employer has a few legitimate criteria for any employee, and those are expected to be visible at any interview:

Knowledge base
Communications skills
Good working brain
Intelligent responses to information and questions
Functional social skills

Expecting a lot, in some cases. Entry level interviews can be horror stories, and any or all of those requirements are just not met. Some people self-destruct, because they get lost in the interview process.

Mainly it's nerves, but think about it.

What's the point of becoming a nervous wreck, whatever you're doing? This isn't the only interview you're going to do in your working life. Falling to bits isn't perhaps the best approach.