How to succeed at interviewing

It is possible to acquire a skill, but it's never possible to teach somebody to have a pleasing personality. If you want to succeed at interviewing, you need to do some homework about the process and learn how to read people. When conducting an interview no matter what the person being interviewed talks about you will be able to conclude whether you like that person or not.

If you can use the following five steps to help you succeed at interviewing.

Step one

The first step if you want to succeed at interviewing is to figure out what the interviewer is thinking, what is driving this person. You should know what the interviewing process is all about. Read about interviewing questions and techniques and then switch places with the interviewer.

If the person conducting the interview isn't that comfortable with the interviewing process, you can take charge and steer it your way. If not, try to read the situation and make sure your meet the requirements of the interviewer and come across as a likable. People like people who are similar to them. Speak slowly if that is the way your interviewer speaks and pick up the pace if the interviewer is a fast speaker. Read about body language and understanding the interviewer.

Step two

Having first hand experience at something is always the best way to learn, this is also true about mistakes made in an interview. To learn what not to do, try to interview as many people as possible. If that is not possible try to read as much about mistakes that are made during the interviewing process as possible. Learn how to read each question that is asked and make sure you are able to always judge the situation correctly.

Step three

Ensure that you are comfortable with what you want to bring across about yourself and your abilities. Communicate your agenda clearly and with accuracy. Make sure your agenda fits the job description and stick to a core points that you want to communicate about yourself. For instance, you are good at the implementation of plans, you are an excellent problem solver and extremely reliable. The aspects you want to communicate about yourself should fit the job you are applying for.

Step four

Everything you will read about interviewing techniques boils down to one thing, practice, practice and more practice. Also remember less is more, do not over elaborate and know your own strengths and weaknesses. Practice these strengths until you can recite them in your sleep. Never, ever think you can do off-the-cuff in an interview. You only get one chance, if you blow it the first time you might not get a second chance. Any time you look unprepared you can be sure that you also look unqualified and incompetent.

Step five

Silence is golden and if you can keep your cool during a silent period in an interview, you will look in control, comfortable and competent. If you feel the need to break the silence, don't, you might end up saying the wrong thing and talking yourself out of your dream job.

Practice just being quiet, this will help you to stay calm if and when that happens during your interview. If you can master this you will look strong, comfortable and in control.

The fascinating thing about the preparation process for to succeed at interviewing is that most of the aspects you practice to perfect will be skills you can use for the rest of your life. When you are comfortable with who you are and are able to communicate that to others and able to understand non verbal communication, every aspect of your life will function on a higher level and you will be more successful and always succeed at interviewing.