How to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note

The job interview thank you note is an essential part of most job interviews. The impression you give to a potential employer doesn't end after your interview is over. The letter you send can play a pivotal role in a potential employer's decision because it can demonstrate your continued enthusiasm for the position.

Step 1- Get Names and Titles

The first step to writing an effective interview thank you note actually begins before you start your job interview. Make sure you get your interviewer's or interviewers' full name and title at the start of the interview and write them down. You can even ask an administrative assistant for the information if you forget or you feel uncomfortable asking for job titles. However, asking the interviewer in person can help show your interest in the company and the people who work there.

Step 2 - Use Clean, Attractive Stationery

It's important that your interview thank you note is written on attractive stationery. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but you do want to use clean, good paper and envelopes. Some interviewers may request you contact them only by email or phone, but in more cases than not, a thank you note sent through the mail is appreciated over other forms of communication. Proper business etiquette dictates that you send a note by mail because it demonstrates you are willing to put in extra effort to show your appreciation.

Step 3 - Write the Note the Same Day

It's easy to forget to write your interview thank you note if you put it off. You want to use the opportunity to improve your chances of getting the job by getting the letter out as soon as possible. Plan to write and send the letter the day of the interview, or shortly thereafter. Do not, however, write most of the letter before you even go to the interview.

Step 4 - Make the Note Relevant to Your Interview

The reason why you don't want to write your interview thank you note before you even go to the interview is that you want to demonstrate how much thought you've given the interview and the job position by making the note relevant to your interview. Reiterate your career experience that makes you qualified for the job. You can also take the opportunity to fully answer any questions you feel you didn't quite answer to your utmost during the interview.

Step 5 - Reiterate Your Enthusiasm

Use the thank you note as one more opportunity to reiterate your enthusiasm for the job. Tell the interviewer(s) how much you hope to work with them in the future.

Step 6 - Thank the Interviewer

The final step of the thank you note process is to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. You should send a thank you note to each interviewer. If you had more than one, take the time to thank them all individually.