How to Write a Salary Negotiation Letter

Writing a salary negotiation letter can be an important part of the process of getting a new job. When a company notifies you that they would like to hire you, negotiating the right salary is one of the most important parts of the process for you. By writing a negotiation letter, you will look more professional and avoid any awkward conversations about your salary. Here are the basics of how to write a salary negotiation letter.


Start out the letter with a pleasant greeting. Let the reader know that you are very interested in the position and are grateful for the opportunity to pursue it. By doing this, you can develop some rapport with the person reading the letter instead of immediately getting into the negotiation phase. During this phase, say something about how you believe your experience and skills would be a perfect fit for the position. While you want to be pleasant with this section of the letter, you do not need to dedicate too much length to it. Try to be as brief as possible. 

Start the Negotiation

At this point, you can get into the actual negotiation phase of the letter. State the original offer that you received so that there is no confusion as to what you are negotiating. Then you need to include a counter offer. This offer is what you believe you should receive in order to start working for this company.


Once you tell the company what your counter offer is, you need to give reasons for them to consider it. Any facts that can help your cause should be included in this portion of the letter. For example, you may want to include what the average salary in the industry is for the type of position you have been offered. You may want to note any special accomplishments that you have on your resume as well as any qualifications that make you the perfect person for the job. If you can show the employer that you are worthy of the salary, they will strongly consider giving it to you. 

Accepting the Job

After giving your potential employer your counter offer as well as some supporting facts, you need to convey that you will accept the job if they take your offer. They need to feel that the ball is in their court and that it is important for them to give you the salary that you request. You should stay away from ultimatums in case they want to come back with a counter offer. 


In the final paragraph, you may want to include a summary of everything that you have touched on. Restate your counter offer and maybe give one additional reason that you should receive your requested salary. Then end the letter with a pleasant closing and thank them for the opportunity to pursue the job with their company at this time.