How would you answer the interview question: What are your career targets ?

Among the questions you will face during an interview will definitely be your career objective. This is something you should be so well imbibed in your psyche that when you talk about it, it should come out as your second nature. In order to answer well on this aspect, you need to tally internalize your career objectives which will anyway stay unchanged whatever job you will take up.

There will be questions such as, 'would you like to change anything in the way you took of your career decisions' or 'what if you would be offered another choice of career'. Through questions such as these the interviewer is trying to judge whether you really love the work you have applied for and whether there would be any possibility of you being wooed by some other opening before you contribute to the company. Be honest in your answer; however do not move too far from the objectives of the present job.

Other questions may search your areas of interest and focus such as 'other than the present job, what else you would be comfortable with'. Here be as brief as you can while highlighting two or three areas of interest in the same line of the job that you are being interviewed. You need to be prepared for this question because you need to match your strengths to the possible ramification of the job you're being interviewed for. So prepare well.

Some interviewers ask seemingly friendly and philosophical questions, such as 'how would you define success; how about the level of success in your life'. They are not being vague; actually they are looking how settled you are with the present career goals. Hence, you answer should be centered around your major career accomplishments and related directly to some if not most of the objectives of the present job. This needs preparation as well.

'Describe what you understand by position' (the position you applied for) would be another trick question though it looks pretty harmless. The interviewer here seeks to learn whether you understood and are aware your responsibilities in the given position. Keep the answer focused on action and results that the position entails. Keep it as brief as a definition should be.

A good question, often encountered during your career objectives interview is, 'what would be the best period of time in a job/ company/ position' or 'how long do you usually stay in a job'. Such questions look into your long-term perspective and whether you are a dynamic professional or a passive one. A dynamic person would answer that they would stay in a job as along as they felt they contributed to the goals of the company and their own professionalism; while a passive person would say they would not like to change jobs once they found their dream job.

Your career goal questions like any other during an interview seek to probe how well you would fit with the company and in the job you are applying for. Keep all the question centered on your strengths and achievements that are most in line with the position you aspire for.