How your references can help after a Job Interview

Have a good word put in. This step is a very delicate one. You should use it with the greatest caution and exceptional diplomacy. This is because the referral should be put in without it looking like pressurizing the decision. It should be important (the more influential the referee the better) enough to highlight your value, and moderate enough to sound as a reinforcement rather than interference. Also, you might not be able to request the person who gives your reference to repeat this feat every time you appear for an interview. So, choose your request wisely. If you play your cards, this could put you on the 'right candidate' list; if not, this could disqualify you.

The best would be to request your referee to send a good recommendation, specially highlighting your best qualities (in tune with those the present job requires) and send by personal courier. This too, should reach within a day of your appearing the interview. In this way, he/she makes their point, and that point will stay on the file for all to see (and impress).