Identify employability issues

When it comes to job interviews nearly half of all applicants fall into three categories in regards to being ready for the interview:

  • Thinking there isn't enough time to prepare
  • Not knowing how to prepare
  • Being too lazy to prepare

If you have employability issues in your past, you must prepare for any job interview as they are likely to involve having questions about job issues. Taking the time to prepare is just as important as the time you take as the interview. How do you prepare?

  • Identify any possible employment issues
  • Know that having job issues means having answers for those issues
  • Practice answers to possible questions concerning job issues

Once you are prepared, you can handle most employer concerns that are raised during the interview process.

The Questions Employers Have About Job Issues:

How do you know what questions you will be asked at the interview? There are three basic questions employers will ask applicants having job issues.

  • Why did you have these issues
  • Will you repeat the behavior which caused these issues
  • Will the behavior or issue impact your ability to work at this job

These three questions will be asked about any issues you may have. Answers to these questions will establish your employability during the interview. So how do you answer these questions to satisfy the employer?

Ways to Answer Questions About Employability Issues

When answering questions concerning job issues there are six steps which form a satisfying answer for the employer; these steps are:

  • An honest explanation - this is an honest statement of the behavior or action without placing blame upon anyone else
  • Understanding the employer point of view - state that you understand the reasons for any actions former employers have taken
  • Respecting former employers - this means not placing blame or criticism with previous employers for any actions taken against you
  • Taking responsibility - you must show that you have taken responsibility for behaviors or actions
  • How the issue was corrected - explain how you corrected the problem in a constructive manner and that these employability issues are behind you now
  • Understanding the employers needs - state your understanding of the employers needs and that any former job issues will not occur in the future

While this may appear to be a long answer, it addresses all three potential employment questions and any concerns that the employer may have about you. You have answered not only the question of why there was an employability issue, but you have shown responsible behavior and, with the corrective actions, shown the employer that any past problems will not become a job issue for you in the future.