Interview Attire Books

The New Professional Image: From Business Casual to the Ultimate Power Look
Author: Susan Bixler, Nancy Nix-Rice;
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'Even though the rules of the game have changed, successful people still dress to win. The New Professional Image offers great insights for this age of diversity, business casual, and Internet culture.'
How to Gain the Professional Edge: Achieve the Personal and Professional Image You Want
Author: Susan Morem;
Buy New: $11.53
Provides the tools, skills and techniques to help people achieve their career, income and professional goals.
John T. Molloy's New Dress for Success
Author: John T. Molloy;
Buy New: $3.14
'When I tell conservatively dressed businessmen that most men dress for failure, they generally agree...'
New Women's Dress for Success
Author: John T. Molloy;
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'The jacket has become the hallmark of the American businesswoman...'
Attention to Detail: A Woman's Guide to Professional Appearance and Conduct
Author: Clinton Greenleaf and Stefani Schaefer;
Buy New: $10.36
'You can't judge a book by its cover; everyone knows that...'
Buff and Polish: A Practical Guide to Enhance Your Professional Image and Communication Style
Author: Kathryn J. Volin;
Buy New: $12.95
Did you know that 55 percent of our believability and the way we are perceived is based on our body language, which includes posture, gestures, and eye contact?
Casual Power: How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication & Dress Down for Success
Author: Sherry Maysonave;
Buy New: $19.77
n this enlightening guidebook, Sherry Maysonave shows you precisely how to command respect, inspire trust, and project personal power when you dress down for business.
First Five Minutes: How to Make a Great First Impression in Any Business Situation
Author: Mary Mitchell;
Buy New: $19.95
'The first time you meet someone, you step into a bright and unforgiving circle of light...'
Looking Good: A Comprehensive Guide to Wardrobe Planning, Color & Personal Style Development
Author: Nancy Nix-Rice, Pati Palmer;
Buy New: $14.96
'Looking wonderful is less about fashion-designers dictating what's 'in' and what's 'out'-than about function-what works best for YOU...'
Your Executive Image: The Art of Self-Packaging for Men and Women
Author: Victoria A. Seitz;
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'Your Executive Image promises to be an exciting new addition to the literature on 'self packaging.' It is divided into three parts--body language, wardrobe, and etiquette.'