Interview body language

Handshake: A dry, firm hand shake reflects a strong personality and is what most employers are looking for. Limp, sweaty hands are definitely a no. This is the first body language in the interview that your interviewer will "read".

Hands: Do not exaggerate hand gestures when you are talking. Try answering an interview question in front of a mirror to help you understand how much you move your hands while talking.

Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact but do not stare. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of body language look at the interviewer's nose as it has the same effect. Do not let your eyes wander away from your interviewer.

Posture: Reflects energy, enthusiasm and self control. Stand and sit erect. Slouching does not reflect a positive attitude in interview body language.

Fidget: Simple - do not fidget. Avoid playing with you hair, clicking pens and the like.