Interview clothes for men tips

The following are basic interview clothes for men tips that should help you to make appropriate choices for all kinds of situations.

  • Wear darker color suits such as dark grey, dark blue and charcoal. Avoid black; you are not going to a funeral.
  • White is still the best when it comes to shirts, but depending on the industry you can also wear a blue shirt. If you select white with fine stripes or just white, you know that you don't face the risk of offending the interviewer's taste.
  • Never roll up the sleeves.
  • Selecting the tie ? not all jobs still requires a tie, but when you wear a tie, it should be darker than the shirt and should compliment the jacket. Avoid bright ties.
  • Wear calf-length socks consisting of natural fiber to avoid unpleasant smells. Select darker colors.
  • Never wear slip on shoes. Wear darker and polished shoes.
  • If it is really cold, you can wear a neat and conservative coat over your jacket.
  • Avoid jewelry other than your wedding band and watch.
  • Don't wear a funky watch or a flashy fake Rolex.
  • Wear a leather belt that coordinates with the pants.
  • Select a simple briefcase that coordinates with the color of your suit.
  • You must be clean shaven or have your mustache and beard trimmed.
  • Fingernails must be clean and short.
  • Wear light fragrance cologne.

When it all comes together, interview clothes for men should form a unity and not make you stand out. Rather than being flashy, go with conservative. Conservative interview clothes are less likely to offend than a fashion statement, especially in the law, banking, investment and finance industries. If you apply for a job in the advertising or media industries, you can ask the HR officer at the company beforehand, whether you will need to wear a tie. If in doubt, then still select conservative interview clothes.