Interview clothes for teens

Do first impressions matter? Yes! They definitely do…

You would be surprised as to how much can be ascertained from the very first moment walk through that day. In a recent study done by the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) 44 % of employers stated that general demeanor of a job candidate is the first thing that draws there attention.

Therefore, without a doubt the clothes that you choose to wear plays an important role in this criteria. As within the first few minutes of the interview an impression would be made of you based on your appearance, manners and your attitude, therefore choosing the correct attire attributes to your competent and responsible character.

Here Are Some Tips on Interview Clothes for Teens

It's always a very tough call when you want to decide exactly what you want to wear for a job interview. It would always be safe to dress two levels above the standard attire of what you would be expected to wear if you wear hired.

This means, a conservative suit (usually solid color), a collared shirt and preferably a tie to go with that for men. Wearing a belt with leather dress shoes and dark socks with that, would be a sensible choice too. This would give a lasting impression of not only in your presenting confident style but by showing needed professionalism.

For women, a suit of business casual class would be a better choice. Generally a skirt suit would be the preferred choice, remembering to keep the skirt at moderate length not more than 1 inch above the knee. The selection of color would be preferably darker colors that are coordinated with your shoes. Wearing professional heels not higher than 2 inches and avoiding trendy ones are advisable.

Not only interview clothes for teens but having a neat, trim hairstyle for both men and women is of utmost importance. The removal of any body piecing may be at advantage. However, women could wear a pair of ear-rings but that too, would be preferably one pair.

If you are uncertain as to if the attire is being too formal for the job you are applying there are two very simple tricks that you can follow:

  • Drive up to the workplace and office at the time when you could see the staff, this would give you a good indication as to what cloths the employees are wearing.
  • Call up the interview secretary and ask her for the typical dress code that is required by the company.

Although at the end of it, it's totally your call on how you want to be dressed for the interview it is wise to think about the following quote 'You can never get a second chance to make a good first impression'. So why would you want to loss that first chance opportunity?

As a teenager you may be inclined to be up to fashion trends on the go. However, for the purpose of your job interview, a perfect attire of interview clothes for teens should avoid the following:

  • Flashy color attire
  • Baggy clothes
  • Caps
  • Tattoos (if you have a tattoo make sure your clothes cover it)
  • Prominent body piercings in exposed places e.g. (eyebrow, tongue)
  • Funky shoes… (extra long, pointed shoes for guys and strappy shoes for girls)
  • Accessories such as huge necklaces, pendants.