Interview phobia

This is a topic which many people will know from experience, either as interviewees or interviewers.

Some people are really scared of interviews. They literally can't function, and hate the whole idea of interviews.

If you have this problem, you'll be pleased to hear that it's actually quite normal.

Everyone has interview nerves, to various degrees.

Even interviewers have interview nerves.

If you're having a serious case of Interview Phobia, what happens is that the unfamiliar circumstances trigger a natural response, which involves adrenalin being released into the body, creating the effect.

We don't do amateur psychology at CVTips, so we're not about to psychoanalyze people.

What we can tell you is that in most cases, you can, and will, get over your interview worries pretty easily.

Most people naturally get over interview nerves themselves, without even noticing it. They just remember they used to find interviews a problem, something like tests at school.

One way of definitely getting over interview nerves is to concentrate on researching the interview information. After you've done that for a while, the whole interview will look and sound very familiar, so you no longer feel out of place.

Another, before the interview, can be something as simple as just basic deep breathing. It oxygenates the brain, and reduces stress, like in yoga.

Moderate exercise is another good relaxant, and you'll find you're feeling pretty good. That greatly improves your frame of mind, and gives you energy.

(Note: Not strenuous exercise. That takes out too much energy and can make you tired at the wrong time.)

It really depends on what you prefer to use as a personal relaxation technique, but you'll find that when you're nervous, that technique is perfect.

If you're really having problems despite trying to get over your nerves

In some cases, a bit of counseling might be a good idea, if you're not getting out of the habit of Interview Phobia.

A few things you need to know:

  • You're not alone
  • Many other people have this problem
  • You don't have to put up with it
  • It is easily fixable
  • The process is painless, and guided

Far more people than is generally known have quite real problems in certain social settings.

Even real extroverts can find themselves in situations they'd much prefer to avoid, and can react to a job interview like hardened introverts.

Some people are anything but comfortable as the unwilling centre of attention, for example. Interviews are a problem purely because they create those social conditions, not because the interview itself is any major issue.

The interview environment is seen as the problem.

The reasons can be very complex, and variable, but without going into great detail, the interview environment pushes all the wrong buttons, at the wrong time, and the result is stress.

A counselor can take you through the process, and make sure you're getting the right training and proper attention to your needs.

Yes, the word was training.

You learn your way out of this situation.

It's a matter of situation management, and you need to become familiar with the interview situation on your own terms. The stress factors are put to rest, because you now know how to handle the environment.

The idea is you build up to the point you can self manage your interviews.

At that point, you've finally got rid of Interview Phobia.

Please believe us when we say that if you have any sort of problem like this, it really is fixable, permanently.