Interview quesions the interviewers like to ask..

An interview is actually an oral test that measures your compatibility with the company. It also measures your attitude, your personality and you style of thinking. Each question is specifically designed to check your fit in the proposed job and company. There are a myriad of questions that may come up during an interview and you will need to tackle each with maturity, calm and poise, because the interviewer will be sizing you up through your answer. Let us check some trick questions and see what could be the best way to wriggle out of them:

  • Tell me about yourself: Many interviews will start with this question. When you are faced with it, answer by highlighting your finest traits (educational, attitudinal and personal) which best match with the proposed job. Never go into personal details unless specifically asked. Center the interviewer's attention on your academic and professional achievements, experience and specific traits that would benefit the company.
  • Tell me about weakness: Tell me about weakness: When asked about weakness, you need to project it as a positive trait. This is not a When asked about weakness, you need to project it as a positive trait. This is not a confessional time, so do not be candid. Do not say you do not have any weaknesses wither as you will be taken as conceited and unrealistic. Let's say you are short tempered. Do not say, 'I loose my temper often', you can say, 'I totally get upset with sub-standard work or undue delays, and I used to be vocal about it. Now, I am focusing onto correcting the worker or process instead of getting upset with it.'
  • Tell me about your last boss: Never badmouth your ex-boss. You will come out the worse from it. Your answer should reflect deference to authority, and ability to complement team work.
  • Why were you fired: This question is one that is dreaded most. However, remember millions are fired every day and they move on. Hence, the 'why you were fired' question should not elicit a panic reaction from you. Be prepared for this question. Be calm when you answer and tell the truth in such a way that it whatever be the reason, it show you accept responsibility for it, have learnt from the experience and have put it behind you.
  • What do you feel about this interview: This is the trickiest question of all, when the interviewer will actually evaluate your assessment prowess, your reactions and your attitude. Answer truthfully ' if you found the interview difficult or comfortable. However, be ready to back it up with reasons if asked, 'why'. Also, you can use this question to sum up your expectations and hopes that you could be part of the company organization. You may even ask how you fared in the interview.

Whatever be the trick question such as 'why were you fired' or 'what is your weakness' or 'what you think about me' are aimed to judge your (i) reactions, (ii) attitude, (iii) maturity level, (iv) weakness and (v) ability to think on your feet. You can never be prepared for all, but if you remember to keep calm, be truthful (and diplomatic) an stay objective, you always fare well.