Interview Question : How is your job search going ?

If you are among those who do not have a job while applying for a new position you will be faced with questions regarding your job search, such as 'why aren't you working till now' or 'why are you looking for this particular job?' Answer comfortably (this takes practice as such questions may touch a raw nerve) and relaxed that you are looking for the right fit and are quite choosy when it comes to the 'right job'. Be ready to be asked what your 'right job' entails, where you can answer many aspects that are in the position you are applying for, while at the same matching your strengths with it. This requires good practice before hand.

There are touchy questions such as, 'How would you react if you and/or your work were criticized?' Say that you have learned to differentiate between useful and malicious criticism and that you use the former to grow and correct yourself, while you ignore the latter. Criticism is an important aspect in all the jobs, and accepting it shows great personal maturity and professional confidence.

Other questions about your job search would involve, 'what do you think/ know about the present company?' or 'Why you choose this company to work for?'. Here you need to answer with clarity on your match to the company's goals. In order to do this, you should have done your research on the past performance of the company, and know its future plans. Showing that you have an in-depth knowledge about the company show that you are deeply interested in the company; while proving your fit, shows that it was a calculated decision, and not one based only on the benefits offered.

When faced with questions such as 'why do you want to join this company' make sure you do not mention anything from your point of view (benefits, name, and satisfaction) rather put it in the company's perspective where you explain that you would be able to make a difference and hence grow professionally while contributing to the goals of the company. All your answers should always be company centered in order to make the greatest impact.