Interview Question: Tell Me More About You!

A crucial and one of the most common question in the interview is, 'What can you tell me about you?'. I don't think there is any interview that does not have this question thrown at the candidate, and I doubt there is one candidate who really is happy with this question. You are totally unbalanced when asked this question in the beginning of the interview. This is because you would wonder what would make the greatest impact on the interviewer when I talk about myself? And here is the most common mistake. You think the focus is on you and you will talk with the focus on you. However, in an interview the focus is never on you. It is on your fit with the company. If you keep this in mind the answer to this question will actually pave your way to the company employment rolls.

When asked to say something about yourself, you need to highlight in about 10-15 sentences your greatest skills that would benefit this company. However, you do not enumerate them, but showcase them to the interviewer by summarizing your best achievements in the recent past. Do allude to the company's products, needs, future plans amply indicating that you have researched the company before the interview, you are interested in its future and growth and you are convinced that you can contribute to its growth using your skills and experience.

Practice at this. Every time you go for an interview practice on projecting your skills in a way that it complements the company that you are applying for. Highlight those achievements that count the most in the context of the company you are getting interviewed. Your answer is very crucial because this is what will create an impression in the minds of the interviewer as to whether you can contribute or not to the company.

Avoid the common mistake very commonly committed during answering of this question, of givingpersonal details about marriage, kids, etc. Do not volunteer any information unless strictly asked during an interview, or unless it contributes to the goals or aims of the company. For example, if the company has a position for Melbourne and you have lived your childhood there ' then it might be a good idea to say that. Otherwise the details are not necessary and may actually go against you. So, do not reveal any personal details unless strictly asked. This is a golden rule which never backfired yet ' never volunteer information unless directly relevant.

Keep in mind that the company will seek out people who come out as interested to contribute to the company not themselves. Usually, the next question would be 'why you want to join our company..'. Never reply because they are a wonderfully big company which offers high pay and great benefits ' even if it is the sole truth ' you answer that working for such a company would be an achievement and a rare opportunity to use your skills and expertise in the growth of a world class organization. Always keep your focus on the organization.