Interview Question: What are your weaknesses?

The direct answer: I don't have any weaknesses.

Be warned: That answer can come across sounding very confrontational, even aggressive, even if it's true. You can actually scare off some people, and antagonize aggressive interviewers.

Also remember that earlier you might have been telling the panel what a great team player you are, and how responsive to other's needs you are. So here you are stonewalling, on another question, in less than ten minutes.

Don't go there, and don't give anyone any cheap shots at your expense. You don't have to be a doormat, but you do have to avoid being an easy target.

You can soften it a bit: I don't really think I have any weaknesses, in my work.

This is an opinion. You can back it up with examples, and your recent performance review, but don't make a debate out of it. You've said what you think, and you can also say you have nothing to add to that statement.