Interview Question: Where do you expect to be in five years?

Good question, related to the previous question. It also confirms your answer to the previous question. If you said You feel you must have direct hands-on experience in this role for your career, and in five years your vision is being a movie star on location in Shanghai, your enthusiasm for your new job as an accountant is looking slightly shaky.

Yep, this is another question you should ask yourself. Many people just do not look to the future. They don't know where they expect to be five minutes from now. Generally speaking they've put no thought, and less planning, into their employment and careers. They then wonder why they don't seem to be getting anywhere. Avoid that situation.

Inconsistencies in your answers don't help. While you're thinking about your answers to these questions, think about them. These are the direct questions you'll have to ask yourself at some point, and what you think of your answers is pretty relevant to your future.

The tough questions

Interviews aren't a forensic process, but at the end of the interview, the interviewers will have most of the information they need to assess your application, if they know how to get it. This is where the tough questions can come in, where the interviewers want to be able to make a clear decision.