Interview Question: Why Do You Want To Work Here?

You are facing the interview and things are going great. Just when you think it is about to finish, the interviewer asks, 'what are the reasons you want to work here'?

If you are not prepared for this question, it could be devastating. This is why it is imperative that you be prepared for this. How? By researching the company: in its past, in its present, in its plans for future.

When you answer this question you should keep in mind that the aim of this interview is to find the best fit candidate for the job. Remember that everything that you say should center on that aspect. Hence, when you answer this question you need to describe how your past experience, skills and expertise made you think that you could be an effective and efficient member of the company's team.

For example, if you are a good marketing strategist, you could mention how your past marketing techniques and negotiating skills have brought you success in your field, and how you think that such skills would be sharpened by the advanced know-how of the future organization where you could get better results.

Always use your answer to show that you know about the company, its products and requirements and you are ready to do what it takes to promote that goal. For this purpose you need to research well the company, goals, mission, vision its past five years financial performance and future plans. A person who is well informed about the company is very much interested in the company. This is the message that goes to the interviewer and this is the message that he/she should get.

Employers of big company's not only love to hear the company's praises, they expect it. Be sure that you include a bit of subtle flattery in your answer; however the flattery should be subtle as otherwise it will look cheap and backfire.

You can always say that the company has always been your dream company but did not apply till you thought that you have achieved a certain amount of skill set and experience so you could contribute to the growth and future of the company. You could say that till that time, though you searched for opportunity, you never got a job that would exactly fit to your skills set as well as the present job and so on.

Keep in mind that whatever you say should focus on your fit with the company and not vice-versa. The interviewer should be left with the impression that you have done your homework and are convinced that you can be a useful part of the team. Project yourself as a willing and deserving candidate who can promote the aim and goals of the company. And that should be your answer, i.e. a person who want to be part of the company because they believe they can be part of its growth.