Interview Questions and Answers: Advisory jobs interview questions

These are factors which must be considered in relation to any advisory position. They're also factors which relate directly to the content of your interview answers.

  • When you're acting as an advisor, you're speaking for the employer.
  • You may be held legally responsible for advice.
  • There are other legal issues related to the employer, regarding any advice you may give.
  • The absolute essential criteria for advisory jobs is accuracy of information and advice.
  • Advisory jobs usually have performance standards, either contractual, or based on the employer's guidelines.

You can see why the standards of the interview questions are so high. Advisors have been sued, personally, along with their employers, on the basis of verbal advice given on the phone.

Interview answers must incorporate these points. The advisory process is a formal process, legally, in any business. You can't advise people to do anything illegal. You are responsible for any information you give.

Your interview questions will test:

  • your awareness of issues and responsibilities
  • the quality of your information
  • your ability to work under pressure
  • your ability to acquire the information you need to advise

Your Awareness of Issues and Responsibilities

There will be several interview questions related to fundamental advisory skills, whatever industry you're in. Your interview answers must demonstrate not only local knowledge of the industry, but a good grip of the often unstated elements in advisory jobs.

The Quality of Your Information

This will be checked rigorously, with several interview questions. Mistakes aren't allowed, and your interview answers will need to be well thought out. Always structure your interview answers on the "story telling" model.

Your Ability to Work Under Pressure

All advisory jobs are pressure jobs. In some advisory jobs you can have actual stress interviews. Interview questions about how you handle pressure are very much practical questions. Your interview answers need to demonstrate experience and good methods in handling pressure.

Your Ability to Acquire the Information you Need to Advise

It's normally ignored that advisors have to have enough information to advise. Interview questions on this subject will probe for your ability to interpret client needs, and look for the required information. These can be real tests of skill, and you will need to polish up your interview answers.