Interview Questions and Answers: Body language and interview questions

The mere fact of how you sit in a chair can affect your whole interview performance. Different people will sit in the same chair differently. Nobody, in fact, simply 'sits in a chair'. They balance their weight according to preference.

For energetic people, that's a problem. At interviews, they get subconsciously hyperactive, fidgety. Their interview answers sound fast, they move around in their chairs trying to get comfortable. They're so tense they may even miss parts of the interview questions.

Try just simply sitting in a chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Sit comfortably, without using the feet for balance. Sit back, with your back making contact with the back of the chair.

As you can see, this deals with all the posture situations.

Good Presentation When Giving Your Interview Answers

If you've done interview training, you'll remember that the posture part of the training sessions produced some strange results on the videos. People would be answering interview questions, and they'd be concentrating so hard on the interview questions they'd forget everything they were told about posture.

People tend to give emphasis when speaking. Interview answers are given by people trying to sound good. The natural tendency is to lean forward, and express with the hands, when giving an interview answer.

That's good presentation, provided it's under control. Again, your feet are the key. Keep them evenly spaced, and flat, unless you really have to move. You'll find that even your breathing improves. Balance your feet, and you'll balance your interviews.