Interview Questions and Answers: Changing jobs questions

You may have issues in the current job. That's not unusual, nor is it an obstacle to employment. All the interviewers have to know is a logical reason. They have to make their recommendations based on the interview answer you give them.

There are do's and don'ts to this interview question.


  • Don't say anything negative about the current employer.
  • Don't go into detail.
  • Don't create further issues with your interview answer.


  • Do give an honest interview answer.
  • Do be clear about your reasons for wanting the new job.
  • Do keep the interview answer simple, logical, and easy to follow.

The Don'ts:

Nothing good can be achieved by denigrating the current employer. It looks bad. The interview answer doesn't have to be very detailed. You can simply say you're not finding any opportunities for advancement, or some basic career motive. You can also say that you don't like the working conditions, or other meaningful reasons. Stick to work-related reasons in your interview answer.

The Do's

Don't ever conceal information or give misleading interview answers. The interview question is based on a required level of information, not excessive details. The employer only needs your interview answer to explain the change of job.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

The Do's and Don'ts need to be expressed very logically. The interview answer will be part of your assessment. It has to make good sense when they're deciding who gets the job. One very useful technique is to be purely objective in the content of the interview answer. You can simply state what you're trying to achieve in your career, and say the new job is the best way to achieve that.


The question is: 'You're moving to a very similar job to your present job here, on the same pay scale. Why are you leaving your present job?'

'I've now been with my current employer for two years. In that time, I've found very few chances for promotion, training and career development. I feel that I'm not achieving my career goals. I think this job will provide those opportunities.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • Motivation
  • Goal oriented
  • Clear specific reasons for changing jobs
  • Career issues with current job
  • Positive view of new job

The concerns in relation to employment motives are clarified.