Interview Questions and Answers: Clashes with people and interview questions

The fact is that people are hyper-reactive at interviews, tense, and easily upset. Interview questions make some interviewees too sensitive. Some people do, literally, panic. That tends to produce knee jerk reactions from the people around the interviewees.

Interviewers, for their part, are trying to get through multiple interviews, asking lots of interview questions, and trying to understand hundreds of interview answers ranging from perfect to perfectly hopeless. They get tense, frustrated and upset when interviewees add to their problems. Don't try to psychoanalyze an obviously annoyed interviewer. It's not your problem. Just give your interview answers properly. Don't escalate any tension.

Defusing the Clashes Before They Happen

People naturally try to avoid conflict. Many clashes at interviews happen because people literally crash into each other in a social context created by the interview situation. Some clashes are the direct result of interview answers. Others are objections to interview questions.

You can use this natural reaction when you sense a possible clash. The quick way is to ask the interviewer a question which clarifies a potentially sticky situation. This allows the interviewer to clarify an interview question, or whatever's causing the sensitivity.

Another way of controlling any sensitive situations is by managing your interview answers carefully. Just give your interview answers quietly, play safe.