Interview Questions and Answers: Creative jobs interview question problems

Creative people can be very good interviewees, when on their own subjects. The difficulty seems to be making the equation between their talent and their interview answers.

These are the basic preparations required:

  • thorough knowledge of the essential job criteria, particularly media
  • a good, well thought out, portfolio for presentation which addresses the needs of the job

Thorough Knowledge of the Essential Job Criteria, Particularly Media

Job interviews for creative people are basically technical interviews, and the interview questions reflect the requirements of the position.

A graphic designer, for example, can expect detailed interview questions about things like Flash, Dreamweaver, or other graphics packages. The need is to demonstrate your talents in relation to these basic criteria. You'll find that's not difficult in itself, but your interview answers must have depth of knowledge. All interview questions are based on identifying core skills and levels of competence.

A Good, Well Thought out, Portfolio for Presentation Which Addresses the Needs of the job

Using your portfolio might sound simple enough, but when giving complex interview answers you need to think laterally.

  • Which parts of your portfolio give good examples of the essential job criteria?
  • Which of your portfolio pieces is the best presentation?
  • Which work demonstrates your technical skills to their best advantage?
  • What pieces do you have which can show direct relevance to the job?
  • Are you happy with the standard of the examples you want to use?
  • Make sure your interview answers are structured, so the interviewers can understand your production methods.

Your portfolio may not be all you want it to be. You can quite literally 'prepare' some pieces to use as interview answers regarding your skills, if necessary, using the production materials and software they specify.

As a creative person, you'll find that an interview is, ironically, a very positive environment, if you use your creativity and focus on your own skills. Think of the interview questions as professional conversations. Just give your interview answers the way you'd answer anyone.