Interview Questions and Answers: Describe a job you really enjoy interview questions

Interview questions which ask what people enjoy about their work are far more analytical than they might seem. These interview questions are part of the wider job satisfaction class of questions, based on identifying fits for jobs, and there's also an element of personality analysis.

The difference is that in this type of interview question you have to give an actual example. It's tougher than it looks. If unprepared, an interview answer can come out sounding too off the cuff, lacking in information. Other forms of interview answer can simply sound unconvincing, or even evasive.

This may seem a relatively innocuous interview question, but you're still doing a competitive interview. All you need to do to blow a job interview is to perform below par on a couple of interview questions. This particular interview question is being asked for a reason, too, so it's advisable to stay alert.

The interview questions about the work you enjoy are good indicators of your employment preferences. Every job has its own environment, and your interview answer will describe that environment. It's very much in the interviewee's interest to give a good, honest, descriptive, interview answer. Don't miss any chance to explain what you consider to be a good job, because it could get you a good job. Give an interview answer which includes the actual words 'job satisfaction' with the description. That makes it clear you understand the interview question, too.

Your interview answer should be clear about what jobs you enjoy, and why. You actually need to explain what it is about a job that you enjoy, to give a proper interview answer, something that relates directly to doing the job. Nobody will believe 'I enjoy wading through garbage' as an interview answer. They will believe a more meaningful interview answer like 'I feel good knowing I've cleaned the place up and made it a decent place for people to live', which, incidentally, is actual motivation for many people in the cleaning and waste management industries.

The work you enjoy is the work you can say you love doing as part of your interview answer. Everybody's taste in jobs is different. Your interviewers will be looking for something that says you'll be happy in the job. How you give your interview answer, and the kind of information you use, is the key to dealing with these interview questions.


The job is a mediator position, requiring experience.

Interview question: 'Tell us what it is about this job you really enjoy doing.'

'I love the problem solving. We get people coming in with these incredible problems, and every one is a challenge. I know I'm achieving something. It's real job satisfaction.'


This interview answer shows:

  • A close match with the primary skill set
  • Clearly happy in the field of work.
  • Experience indicates personal commitment
  • Sense of achievement is strong

The interview question's job criteria are met.