Interview Questions and Answers Employment packages interview questions

Interview Questions and Answers: Employment packages interview questions

The employment package interview questions are a frequently overlooked subject. The emphasis is on skills and job criteria, and the main focus of interview training and techniques, understandably, is dealing with these very important things.

However: Interview questions about employment packages are extremely relevant. An interview answer to an employment package question may get or lose a job. Some thought has to go into assessing employment packages, and understanding the interview questions.

These interview questions can be the start of actual negotiations. They're important first steps, if you get the job. To give a trustworthy interview answer, you need to know how to assess employment packages.

Valuing an Employment Package

The simplest way to value the package is to use a dollar value. The components of any package are:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Superannuation
  • Extras


You use market rates as your benchmark for your interview answer. Don't, ever, make any excessive claims.


Employers can offer good packages in terms of some things which cost a lot of money. Day care, for example, is a serial wage killer. Employers who offer day care are offering something of real value.


Usually neglected, superannuation, like American 401ks, is worth a lot of money over time. Some employers offer personal super, others have good schemes. You need to research your options before giving your interview answers.


Depending on the employer, these can be office perks, staff discounts, working conditions, promotional opportunities, there's a huge range of possibilities.

Handling Employment Package Interview Questions

First and foremost, there are two basic considerations:

  • not talking yourself out of a job
  • not talking yourself into an unfavorable deal, when you can do better

At the interview stage, you're not actually 'negotiating'. You're being sounded out, with the interview questions. Your interview answers need to keep both those considerations in mind.

The one essential thing: Keep your options open, and don't sound immovable on any subject related to the employment package. You need time to do your assessment, and you can ask your own interview questions where needed, too.

You don't need to make commitments in your interview answers beyond 'market rates' in terms of salary. That's reasonable, in fact unarguable, in context with employment packages.

You will know the interview questions you want to ask beforehand. Knowing your way around an employment package is good presentation, too. Asking the right interview questions and giving good interview answers can definitely get you a job.

Things to Note During Employment Package Interview Questions

The tone of the interview sometimes changes during employment package discussions. The interview often gets a lot more conversational. That's a good sign, it means your interview answers have generated a productive, forward planning element. You'll also find the friendly professional colleague element becomes more obvious, discussing career benefits.

If you know how to read these discussions, you'll know how you did in the interview. Employment packages are always about business.