Interview Questions and Answers: Employment record questions

Employment record interview questions can get interviewees into a lot of real, serious trouble. If not answered honestly, or if misleading information is given, a successful interviewee can lose the job.

  • Never lie when giving any interview answer.
  • Never give any interview answer which sounds evasive.
  • Always give verifiable information in relation to interview questions.
  • Don't self justify, or give excuses.
  • Don't say anything negative about former employers.
  • If your employment was terminated, just explain the situation.
  • If you resigned, explain the reason.

Your Interview Answer to Employment Record Questions

Whatever the interview question, the most important element is clarity. If you give an interview answer which is in any way unclear, the likely result is that you'll be misinterpreted, probably unfavorably.

Note: You can also use your references to support your interview answers. This helps employers understand the situations.

The main topics of employment record questions are:

  • Terminations
  • Resignations
  • 'Too many jobs'
  • 'Too few jobs/ Gaps in employment'


When giving your interview answer regarding a termination, say only what happened, and why. You can say that you dispute the reason for termination, if that's the case.

If the termination was your fault, say so, in your interview answer. Make it clear you understand the situation.


Resignations are facts of the employment market. If you were dissatisfied with the job, workplace conditions, or promotional opportunities, include those reason(s) in your interview answer. The interviewers need a clear reason.

'Too many jobs'

This interview question means they're concerned the interviewee doesn't hold jobs down. The suggestion is possible unreliability.

Your interview answer must address those concerns.

'Too few jobs/ Gaps in employment'

Gaps in employment are quite normal, but from the employer's point of view, they need to know the reason for the gaps or lack of jobs.

Give logical reasons in your interview answer to show why you weren't employed. Any other factors, like health, involved in the gaps in your employment should be mentioned.


The question is 'You haven't been employed for a while, and you were terminated from your last job, can you explain the situation for us?'

'That termination was a result of a dispute regarding work practices. I considered the company's methods of doing the work unsafe. I'd been working there in the same job for five years, then I was fired.

My referee, John Smith, can give you more information on this subject.

A termination doesn't look good on the record. I've been trying ever since to get work, since then.'


The interview answer demonstrates:

  • Reason for termination is disputed.
  • References for verification of information are available.
  • Termination has been obstacle to further employment.
  • Interviewee is highly motivated to get work to improve employment record.

The interview question has been fully answered.