Interview Questions and Answers: Freelancers and conflicts of interest interview questions

The main perceptions of conflict of interest are:

  • your ability to manage multiple commitments
  • time management, deadlines and multiple roles
  • workload priorities
  • intellectual property issues

Always, with each of these issues, give clear, structured interview answers. Treat each interview question as though you're explaining from scratch, because the interviewers can't be assumed to know how you work.

Your Ability to Manage Multiple Commitments

Your interview answer spells out how you manage commitments, step by step. You explain your scheduling, and your use of multiple schedules to make sure your workloads don't conflict as the basis of your interview answers.

Time Management, Deadlines and Multiple Roles

Time management is vital, particularly to those working with multiple deadlines, in contract jobs. Interview questions will be very direct, so give your interview answers directly, addressing each point of the questions.

Your interview answer must show a structured, understandable, time management regime. Keep your interview answer simple as you can, with these issues. If you get more interview questions about time management, you can assume they haven't understood your previous interview answers, and that situation must be addressed.

Workload Priorities

The normal interview questions about 'How do you prioritize your work' take on a whole new significance, in this context. With these interview questions, just stick to the reality of how you manage your workload. Your interview answers about workload priorities dovetail with your previous interview answers regarding multiple commitments and time management. This also gives your interview answers obvious consistency, and reassures interviewers.

Intellectual Property Issues

If you're producing any kind of original materials for a contract, you must understand intellectual property (IP) rights. IP is sometimes a very sensitive issue for employers. 'Conflict of interest' can extend to your initial ownership of materials. Interview questions on this subject are about your knowledge and competence in this area, as well as real possible conflict of interests.

General Tip About Conflict of Interest Interview Questions

Conflict of interest interview questions are best answered in all cases by explanatory examples. Use simple presentations in your interview answers to show the lack of conflict of interest.