Interview Questions and Answers: Give an example of working independently

The example you use for your interview answer has to show clear independence in your role on the job. Your interview answer must have a logical structure. (Remember, your interviewers don't know anything about this job. Explain the situation from scratch.)

To demonstrate your ability to work independently, your interview answer needs to include:

  • the job in which you were working independently
  • your responsibilities
  • your productivity in that role
  • feedback
  • achievements

The Job in Which you Were Working Independently

It's advisable to start by explaining why you were working independently, as a scene setter for your interview answer. Describe the job, your role, and how your work was independently managed.

Your Responsibilities

This is a key part of your interview answer. Tell the interviewers what you were supposed to achieve. Use goals or some other measure of the work.

Your Productivity in That Role

Explain how you achieved productivity, and met your goals.


This is another measure of your success. Include positive comments from management or clients in your interview answer.


Give an example of success in terms of your goals. Meeting or exceeding targets are good examples and add measurable elements to your interview answer.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

This interview question can create one real difficulty: Proving you're working independently. It's not always clear to interviewers. To clarify this, you should explain that the task was your personal responsibility, when giving your interview answer.


The question is 'Give an example of working independently within your organization.'

'I'm currently doing a job checking our accounts returns delegated to me by management. It's my responsibility to meet branch goals for this role. We operate hundreds of separate accounts a week. The job requires that all accounts be checked within three days. I get no supervision at all, and I'm accountable for the accuracy of the checking.

I've been doing this work for nine months, and have met targets at all times. The manager gave me an early raise in pay for performance.'


The interview answer demonstrates:

  • independent role
  • personal responsibility
  • clear job requirements
  • achieving targets
  • positive management feedback

The interview question has been fully answered.