Interview Questions and Answers: Giving competitive interview answers

It's probably best to demonstrate the difference between a competitive interview answer and the uncompetitive version.

The interview question is, 'How does a customer apply for a refund?'

Answer 1

'They fill out a form, give it to us, it gets approved, and we issue the refund.'

Hardly informative, is it? This type of bland interview answer does little to impress. Do not ever answer any interview question like that.

Answer 2

'Payment of refunds is subject to store policy. The customer first enquires about a refund. If a refund is appropriate, we suggest exchange or alternatives, before proceeding to a refund. If the customer still wants a refund, we have to have the receipt, and the goods must be returned. A refund can be approved either by application or in some cases on the spot by a supervisor.'


Answer 1 is incorrect and unacceptable, and probably blew the interview. A bit more effort, or even an attempt to clarify, could have saved that question.

Answer 2 is correct. It cites store policy, and correct procedures and requirements for a refund. Answer 2 demonstrates thorough knowledge and has impressed the interviewer.

It pays to be expressive. Use your practical knowledge of the job to help you through interviews, and you'll do a lot better.