Interview Questions and Answers: How can you contribute?

Important: This interview answer must be bullet proof and well structured. How you answer is going to have an impact.

The STAR technique is good for structuring these answers. Start with the job as the Situation and Task, use your contribution ideas as the Action, and define the Result.

However, don't leave it at that. You need to deal with both the Situation and Task element and the Action part in some detail. The Result has to look good, sound credible, and be based on obvious benefits to the employer.

The critical element is clarity. Always avoid complexity. Keep the basic interview answer story line simple.

These are the essentials:

  • Describe the job's aims, as the scenario.
  • Explain, step by step, how you propose to achieve more than those aims.
  • Show your knowledge, using your experience and skills as examples.
  • Clearly state what you can do and how you can do it.
  • Define, in dollar terms if possible, the value of your ideas.


Question - 'How can you contribute to this sales position?'

Answer - 'This job requires a strong, consistent performance to achieve targets. As you know, I have 20 years of experience in the business, and I know most of the big clients personally. I can contribute by using my professional network to access a very large industry demographic. I can guarantee to achieve at least 25% higher sales than the projections you've shown me.'


The applicant is demonstrating professional knowledge of a high order. The answer indicates strong commercial prospects, and access to new customers is a very strong incentive to hire. The answer is based on proven experience.

On a competitive basis, this interview answer is a real winner.