Interview Questions and Answers: How long do you see yourself with this company?

Any answer to 'How long do you see yourself working for this company?' needs to be constructive, and above all, credible. You need to convince the interviewers that you have a strong motivation for joining their firm. You also need to show them a career plan to reinforce your answer.

The strongest interview answers include:

  • Explaining what the job does for your career, and why you would be interested in following your career path with that employer.
  • Explaining how you see working for the employer as a benefit to your own goals and objectives.
  • Explaining career benefits from working with the employer for a period of time.
  • Explaining any additional motivations.

You're speaking to people in your industry who can tell you themselves what you can achieve by working with them. You don't have to tell them what a great opportunity it is to work with them, you need to prove it.


Question - 'How long do you see yourself working for this company?'

Answer - 'I can see a long tenure with this company. I know there are a range of opportunities across the spectrum of my profession with this firm. I've heard good things about your training and study support programs, which is perfect for my own studies. If I can achieve promotion, and get the broad experience I need to progress in the industry, I'll be here for quite a while.'


This interview answer shows:

  • Awareness of the range of career-related positions.
  • Realistic approach to long-term goals.
  • The applicant has researched the employer's policies and programs.
  • The applicant is highly motivated.

This is a highly competitive interview answer. It covers all the major points, and it's a factual assessment of the employee's future prospects.