Interview Questions and Answers: How would you demonstrate your creative skills on the job?

This is another 'storytelling' interview question, where you have to explain the situation, and what you did about it. Your interview answer has to be clearly structured, so the interviewers can see how you use your creative skills.

The interview answer structure is quite simple:

  • explain the problem
  • explain the creative idea
  • explain the result

Explain the Problem

What caused you to develop a new idea? You might have figured out a way of speeding things up, or doing things more efficiently. That's increased productivity, and it's exactly what you need to show in your interview answer.

Explain the Creative Idea

This is an important part of the interview answer. You need to explain clearly what you did, and how you did it. The interviewers need to understand why your idea is useful, and what it's supposed to achieve.

Explain the Result

Another important part of your interview answer, this is a measure of success. It defines the value of your creative work. You need to include this measure to fully respond to the interview question. If you don't, your interview answer is much less effective.

Important: Quality control Issues for Your Interview Answer

You'll want to be sure of information quality with this interview question. These job-specific storytelling interview answers can often be complex, because all jobs have some degrees of difficulty. It's well worth rehearsing your interview answer, and making sure that you're expressing yourself clearly. Would anyone hearing it understand it properly? Have you left anything out? Make sure your interview answer is stated so that it's instantly understandable.


The job is administration. The question is 'How would you demonstrate productive creativity in your work?'

'We had a situation where we were all preparing reports individually. These reports had many common elements, and some only needed a few original paragraphs. I standardized my reports on a macro. I found I was greatly improving my turnaround times. The boss liked it, and it was adopted for the whole branch.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • good understanding of productive efficiency
  • practical innovation
  • useful concept
  • high value measurable results
  • acceptance of idea by management

The interview question has been fully answered.