Interview Questions and Answers: How would you describe this job’s role?

When giving your interview answer you need to describe:

  • The basic functions of the job
  • The services provided by the job
  • The organizational context of the job
  • The relationship of the job to the clientele

Basic example:

  • If your job is a cashier, your job is self explanatory.
  • The service you provide to clients is defined in detail by that role.
  • The organizational context is a highly responsible job, handling revenue.
  • The relationship with the clientele is direct contact and advisory, explaining issues in relation to transactions.

Advanced example:

  • If your job is an accountant, your functions are defined by the specific types of accountancy and tasks involved.
  • The service you provide is professional advisory, with direct responsibility for the content of your advice and performance of your duties.
  • The organizational context is that of your section: Your job is part of that role. You contribute directly to the firm's performance.
  • The relationship with the clientele is a professional relationship, with major obligations upon you, including direct personal accountability for standards of work.


The job is a sales position. The interview question is: 'How would you describe your role in this position?'

The answer is: 'As a salesman, my role is to achieve sales targets, or preferably exceed them. I'm also the public face of the company. I'm responsible for direct client contact, and addressing their concerns and issues in context with the core business of the organization. My role is also to build and enhance relationships with clients, in the interests of the company.'


This interview answer shows:

  • Clear understanding of the job functions.
  • Correct explanation of the role as the public face of the company.
  • Correct understanding of the organizational function of the role.
  • Accurate description of the role regarding client relationships.

This very strong answer covers the entire spectrum of the position's role.