Interview Questions and Answers: Internship interview questions Part 2

Internship interview questions have to be answered structurally. The problem is to provide the extra competitive information which an internship interview requires.

In some ways, internship interviews are more difficult than regular job interviews. This is because information regarding your suitability for the position isn't supported by the conventional mechanisms of a CV or other work.

Your interview answers have to be backed up by other information.

Structuring an internship interview answer has to relate to the basic concepts of an internship, like the career path, your career goals, and your qualifications work. It's advisable to think ahead, and have a good clear idea of your future plans, so you can show how the internship fits in to these goals.

It's advisable to make your internship choices carefully. Some internships are truly priceless as career assets. They also make the logic of your choice a lot easier to work with at the internship interviews.

A good interview answer is:

  • Structured
  • Based on an objective related specifically to the internship
  • Career relevant
  • Logically constructed

That may not sound too inspired, but the interviewers have to make recommendations based on the content of your interview answers.

When there may be many talented applicants, every interview question is critical. The only real shot on the board is to make great interview answers, with good information content.

Structuring an interview answer is the key. It shows good communication skills, and also allows you to work with a good framework for your information content.

Interview answer structure

  • Always start with a premise, like a clearly defined goal.
  • Use that goal as the basis of your interview answer.
  • Equate the goal to the internship.

The idea here is to keep focused. A really good way of blowing any interview question is to go off topic. Using a premise avoids that possibility. The goal-oriented approach is a lot easier for interviewers to work with, when assessing interview answers.

Making the equation with the internship is obvious, but it's also essential. Every interview question will be based on the internship, either in the future or present tense in relation to your career goals.


The internship is for a graphic art position with a top of the line advertising firm. This is a one in a million internship, and competition is ferocious.

The interviewers are well aware of that fact, and the interview question is 'Where do you see this internship taking you, in getting your first job?'

'I chose this internship specifically to give myself a career edge right from the start. This is a competitive profession. Graphic artists have to work hard to get a good professional portfolio, and every advantage you can get helps. I see this internship as giving me a lot of credibility with any employer.'


This interview answer shows:

Clear career goals
Realistic approach to entry level jobs
Awareness of career advantages of internship