Interview questions and answers: Introduction question

The introduction phase of interviews is used for orientation. This is a particularly important point in the interview. Everyone involved has to communicate directly for the first time. It really is the 'first impressions' stage.

Introduction question

The introduction interview question, typically 'Tell us a bit about yourself' is usually underrated by interviewees. The interviewer is asking for information and background in your own words.

All interview questions are potentially valuable chances for interviewees to give good, useful information.

To take advantage of these chances, you need to control the content of your interview answers.

The introduction question is a very good opportunity to show the interviewers a wide range skills and abilities. All interview answers must refer to essential job criteria, and relevant aspects of the position.

The introduction question allows you to demonstrate a lot of skills, experience, added value abilities, commitment, and motivation in your interview answer.

Make sure every interview answer is kept simple and clear.


The job is a retail sales position. The person being interviewed is highly experienced, and has been asked to 'Tell us a bit about yourself'.

This is the correct interview answer:

'I live in this area. I've been a retail salesperson for nine years. I work at ABCD, as a salesperson in the home and kitchenware department. I'm now doing a lot of banking and administration work for the department, as well. I've been at ABCD for three years. I'm now in my second year of Commerce studies at the local college.'


This interview answer contains a lot of relevant information:

  • The applicant lives locally; no commuting problems.
  • Has years of relevant experience.
  • Home and kitchenware sales require specialist product knowledge.
  • Responsible for additional complex work related to the position, which adds value to the job, and makes the applicant more competitive.
  • Studies indicate motivated applicant with a career path in mind.

The interview answer is also simply but clearly presented to the interviewers. Every word of the interview answer is relevant to the job. This is also obviously a someone who's a good communicator. That's another point in favor of this candidate: communications is a primary required skill for the position.

The interviewee has naturally scored well with this interview answer.

It was very important to tell the interviewers about the extra banking work. This additional role indicates value adding, additional skills possessed by the candidate.