Interview Questions and Answers: Lack of qualifications

Because the interview question is a leading question, you need to have a strong positive response. Your interview answer should demonstrate real practical competencies.

Your interview answer needs to address:

  • your ability to do the job
  • measurable performance
  • achievements and value of skills

Your Ability to do the job

The primary function of your interview answer is to give irrefutable proof of your ability to perform all tasks related to the position. For experienced people, this is relatively easy. Give clear proof of your abilities from your work record, in your interview answer.

Measurable Performance

An essential component of your interview answer is to give clear performance indicators. Any assessment of the interview question will be based on proven performance across a range of essential criteria.

Achievements and Value of Skills

A direct example of achievements and high value skills can't be ignored. Your interview answer can include another range of measures: You may be able to give statistical or dollar value measures to your work.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

Don't get put off by the interview question. Always be positive, showing real strengths in your skills, when giving your interview answer.


The question is: 'You've been doing this work for several years, but you don't have formal qualifications. Can you explain the situation for us?'

'When I started, formal qualifications weren't essential. I was employed as an electrical technician, rather than a computer electronics specialist. The employer trained me on the job, and I soon got a lot of experience and was training other staff.

My section was soon doing all maintenance for the employer. We did a cost efficiency survey last year. The boss told me we'd saved .3 million by doing our maintenance in house, based on retail quotes from several contractors. The IT maintenance budget is only ,000 a year. My qualifications are really my skills and experience.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • appropriate skill levels
  • highly experienced person
  • clear performance indicators
  • understanding of the basis of cost efficiency in the role
  • performance achieved without the need for qualifications
  • able to train other staff in house.

The interview answer exceeds the essential criteria for the position.