Interview Questions and Answers: Management relationships interview questions

These are easily the most sensitive interview questions imaginable. They deal with tough calls in a variety of senses. In jobs where dealing with management is a basic component of the positions, you will be asked some very direct interview questions about how you operate in these roles.

These interview questions used to happen mainly at executive level. They're now quite common. You can expect interview questions about how you communicate with management, how you make your opinions known, and whether you know how to approach management with your own ideas. These are far from simple interview questions, and they'll be asked by the managers you'll be working with.

Dealing with management relationships questions

The basic rule is 'Be '. The objective is doing business, and your interview answers have to be businesslike. You, and your interview answers, are there to do a job, as well as get a job.

Primary characteristics of good interview answers are:

  • Clear objectives
  • Clear layout of situations
  • Clear logic
  • Clear results

There aren't any easy interview answers. You're really being tested.

Clear objectives

Your interview answer must explain what you're trying to achieve, in relation to whatever circumstances the interview questions create. You need to say in so many words what you're trying to achieve, so your interview answer will be properly understood.

Clear layout of situations

To be objective, you have to show the layout of your actions and ideas in your interview answer. You're explaining why you do what you do, to achieve your objective, and explaining how you achieve it in the process. Your interview answer needs to be well structured, and preferably simply expressed.

Clear logic

Most important is that your logic in how you deal with the situations makes sense. If necessary, do a step by step interview answer, but make sure the interviewers see how your ideas work.

If you don't clearly explain your interview answer, it's likely to create problems for you. The interviewers, if they don't understand the interview answers, think the interviewee isn't communicating effectively.

Clear results

This is where you need to integrate your objectives, your methods, and your logic, so your interview answer produces clearly understood results.


The interview questions is:

Management has done something which you consider illegal. What's the best way to tell them about it?

'My obligation is to provide clear information to management, ASAP. When I'm sure of my facts:

  • I collect, organize and verify my information,
  • Get appropriate independent professional corroboration of my views,
  • Inform my own immediate manager

I'm now in a position to provide useful information, with professional analytical sources for management's use in response if required.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

Clear objectives
Clear methods
Clear understanding of management protocols
Ensures information quality and availability
Creates effective response mechanism
Creates options for management to use

The interview answer covers all aspects of the position's role and essential job criteria.