Interview Questions and Answers: Managing clients interview questions

The interview questions are looking for:

  • knowledge,
  • experience,
  • competencies,
  • examples of client relationships and how they're managed

These interview questions will all be case specific. There are various standard interview questions, like "How do you deal with difficult customers?" through to "How do you deal with difficult contract disputes?"

The main difference is in degree of difficulty, not the basic characteristics of client relationships.


Knowledge levels are indicators of the range of abilities of interviewees. Interview questions, therefore are all targeted to cover the range of the position. Interview answers are expected to meet job standards.


In many client relationships jobs, experience is absolutely essential. Interview questions dig for proof of experience on the same level as the job. Interview answers, therefore, have to be based on the performance standards of the job.


You're expected to be an expert, when dealing with clients. Your interview answers must show competence at all levels. So your example of dealing with a difficult customer will also show technical understanding of the complaint.

Examples of Client Relationships and how They're Managed

It's the interviewee's prerogative to select examples, and you can produce some good interview answers if you're objective in your approach.

Important: Always use examples which are obviously relevant to the job. You should systematically check that each of your examples meets job criteria.

Structuring and Content for Interview Answers

There are too many client relationship interview questions to give a generic example. But there are two common elements in the interview answers:

  • client service, and standards of performance

Service quality is insisted upon, by all employers. Each interview answer needs to show performance quality standards. Your examples of client relationships need to be selected specifically to show high quality standards of performance.

  • advisory content at all levels

The job is often an interpreter's job, between clients and management. Therefore the quality of advice to both has to be good. Your interview answers have to emphasize accuracy of information content in your advisory work.

A few interview questions will deal with "What if something goes wrong?" scenarios. You must make clear in your interview answers that you always check facts when dealing with clients, and advise accordingly.