Interview Questions and Answers: Mature age interview questions and problems

Your age isn't an issue in employment. Your interview answers, however, are definitely a major factor. They're the basis on which you're hired. You really do have to deliver good, competitive, interview answers to get jobs. You'll need some practice in doing interviews. It's really a matter of exposure to the new interview questions, and learning to put together your interview answers in relation to them.

Training for Your Interview Answers

To train thoroughly for interviews, you need professional trainers.

The best way to sharpen up your interview skills is:

  • find a professional trainer
  • do a full course in job interviews with plenty of practice interviews
  • get feedback from trainers about your interview answers
  • get feedback from any previous interviews

Find a Professional Trainer

This is pretty easy, many employment agencies can find a trainer with a phone call. Some may even recommend training. It might cost a bit, but being unemployed is a lot more expensive.

Do a Full Course in Job Interviews

These courses allow a thorough grounding in job interview techniques. Most importantly, they teach you to understand the interview questions, and tell you what's required when giving your interview answers. This is absolutely critical.

(It's worth reading our other material about Interview Questions and Answers to get an overview and some pointers, too.)

Get Feedback From Trainers

Anything actual problem will show up during your course. Basic things like information content in your interview answers, can be issues. Some people get their interview answers into a real mess, because they don't know how to structure them. Others don't give enough information, and require more interview questions. All these can be fixed during the course.

Get Feedback From any Previous Interviews

If you've had trouble with interviews, ring the conveners of the interview panels and just ask for some help. Make sure to answer about your interview answers, which are the bread and butter issues.

Note: If several interviewers point out the same problem with interview answers, you've found what needs fixing.


There's no need to suffer at every interview. It only takes a few sessions to get properly trained. You'll find interview questions a lot easier to handle.