Interview Questions and Answers: Personality interview questions

'Personality test' interview questions are definitely an acquired taste for interviewees. Interview questions may relate to a particular aspect of your personality, or a characteristic the interviewers want to check in the job candidates.

It can be irritating, and disorienting, when you're all keyed up to deal with tough interview questions about a professional position, to be asked 'How do you respond to change in the workplace?' Most people sigh, groan inwardly, and answer the interview question as best they can.

However, they miss an opportunity in the process. The subject of that particular interview question was the real issue. In this case, the question was about you. That's a subject about which you can give some good interview answers, if you recognize your chances when they happen.

These interview questions aren't the 'pseudo-psychology' they're often accused of being. It's an urban myth that some interview questions are irrelevant or meaningless. Ask yourself, 'Why would an employer need to know how you respond to change in the workplace?' Whatever the reason, you can be sure the interview question is based on some job related issue, often an important one.

In some cases, the interview answers will depend on candidates' interpretation of the question. Whatever the response, these interview questions collect a lot of information about applicants. A negative reaction could indicate the interviewee isn't suited to a job like marketing or IT, where change is an almost daily factor.

'Personality test' interview questions aren't toothless. Every interview question does count, and these, which can be hard to read, are no exception.

The good side to 'Personality test' interview questions

People who approach these interview questions negatively are turning their personalities into liabilities. Others take a middle course, which is at least less destructive.


'How do you respond to change in the workplace?'

Positive interview answer: 'I think change is natural, and good. I find it fascinating, with all the new ideas and technology. Really, it's an adventure, and I try to keep up with everything, as much as I can.'

Negative interview answer: 'I take it as it comes, keep an open mind, and learn how to make the best use of it. Change is often necessary, and when it's for the better, I'm all in favor.'

Neutral interview answer: 'I look for the practical applications and advantages. To me, change is a tool, a way of achieving things. I expect to see positive results.


Positive interview answer

The applicant is obviously alert and making a point of giving a strong interview answer, with a lot of positive spin. Whatever the job criteria, good response.

Negative interview answer

The applicant has provided a list of clichés, not a strong interview answer. The response is instantly forgettable, and so, probably, is the applicant.

Neutral interview answer

Not the worst, but a long way short of the best. This response is more thoughtful, but not on a par with the positive interview answer.