Interview Questions and Answers: Preferred working style

The interview question is based on workplace realities. Some people just do not fit into some jobs. Your interview answer should be honest, and based on your own real preferences and best interests.

The important elements in a Preferred Working Style are:

  • the workplace environment
  • the choice of working alone, or in a group.
  • public contact, positive or negative feelings.

The Workplace Environment

Do you prefer working in an office full of people, or in separated spaces? Do you prefer a quiet environment, or a busy shared office? Your interview answer should include this, if it's an issue.

The Choice of Working Alone, or in a Group.

If you have a real preference, say which, in your interview answer. It's what the interview question is designed to find out, and the risk is you could get the exact opposite of your Preferred Working Style if you don't mention it.

Public Contact, Positive or Negative Feelings

This can be an extremely sensitive issue for some interviewees. Many people are very unhappy in public contact jobs. They suffer serious levels of stress as a result. If you dislike public contact, you need to express your preference for a non public contact role in your interview answer.

Quality Control in Your Interview Answer


Don't say what you don't like. Stick to the things you do like, when giving the interview answer. Your Preferred Working Style shouldn't be expressed in any negative way. It doesn't answer the interview question, anyway.


The job is administration, with public contact in the form of direct client liaison. The interview question is 'What's your Preferred Working Style?'

'I like working in a small team, in a quiet office environment. I enjoy client contact roles, in that sort of workplace.'

This interview answer demonstrates:

  • definite preferences for work environment
  • prefers small teams
  • positive preference for client contact in that kind of environment
  • preferences indicate experience in that environment
  • preferences match job criteria and workplace environment

The applicant shows a good match for the role with this interview answer.