Interview Questions and Answers: Prove you can do this job

The only really tough element in the interview question is the content of the reply. The only way it can be fully answered is to provide a lot of information.

It's a job-getting interview answer, if you get it right. Most candidates don't. This is an interview question where you can make yourself very competitive with all other candidates.

There are a range of ways of proving you can do the job:

  • proof of meeting essential job criteria
  • proof of experience in the role(s) of the job
  • proof of performance in the role(s)
  • proof of qualifications
  • proof of required licenses, certifications, etc.
  • proof of achievements (awards, promotions, etc.)

The right interview answer will rapidly turn this 'tough interview question' into an advertisement for your skills and abilities.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

One of the strong points about this interview question is that its requirements for information can't be avoided. There really aren't any standard interview answers to it. All you can do is provide the proof.

The most important form of proof to give, which will help you give a good interview answer and make sure you provide correct information, is:

  • your interview answer must prove you meet essential job criteria. All other information relates to those criteria.

This interview question is genuinely tough, in that respect. Anything less isn't good enough, and leaves obvious gaps in your interview answer.


The job is a team leader position in customer service. The essential job criteria are communications, problem solving, supervisory skills, and advanced customer service skills.

The question is 'Prove you have the skills to do this job.'

'I have ten years experience in customer service. I have a business college certificate of customer service skills.

I have advanced skills in all roles related to this job, as proven by my promotion to Senior Customer Service Officer.

My practical communications skills are proven by that experience and my certificate of communications.

I have advanced problem solving skills, proven by my consumer complaints work and my mediation training.

I've acted on several occasions as a supervisor of customer service teams, and been regularly selected by management to replace supervisors in this role.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • communication skills
  • advanced customer service skills
  • problem solving skills
  • supervisory skills
  • strong experience
  • promoted in similar roles
  • has supervisory experience

The interview answer meets all job criteria and exceeds requirements in terms of customer service skills.