Interview Questions and Answers: Reentering the workforce questions

You'll get a series of very basic interview questions, to give an outline of your situation. The only real thing to watch is to make sure that your interview answers provide enough information.

The essential information, which absolutely must form part of your interview answers is:

  • background for leaving the workforce
  • reason for reentry into workforce

Background for Leaving the Workforce

This interview question can be tough. Sometimes the reasons are complex, and unpleasant. The subjects need explaining. Before you go to the interview, think about a good, simple, clear, and honest interview answer.

The interview question only needs basic facts. You don't have to go into your private business, (privacy laws don't require you to do so) but the interview answer has to have enough substance to be effective.

Reason for Reentry Into Workforce

If you had to leave the workforce for personal reasons, just add to the information about your reason for leaving. Your interview answer can simply say that the previous situation is now over.

For retirees, a simple statement of change in circumstances is enough to cover the interview question. Again, no details are required, but a clear statement is essential, because it has to be documented.

Quality Control for Your Interview Answer

Because of the complexity of the situations related to these interview questions, the best move is to avoid detail. Interview answers can easily get tangled, particularly in complex situations. Give your interview answers step by step, as simple explanations.


The applicant had to leave the workforce for two years to care for a sick family member. The interview question refers to the two year gap and asks 'Can you tell us what made you leave the workforce, and why you're reentering now?'

'We had a medical situation in the family. I had no choice but to stop work and provide care for that period. I'm happy to say that situation is now over, and I can resume work.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • a clear sequence of events
  • an obvious domestic situation
  • a reason for leaving the workforce which is verifiable if necessary

There's no need for further interview questions on the subject.