Interview Questions and Answers: Special needs interview questions

The interview questions are also legal questions to some extent. Special needs are no obstacle to employment, provided the person can reasonably be expected able to perform the duties of the job.

Special needs interview questions are based on three things.

  • Proof of ability to perform the duties of the job.

These interview questions are all practical. It's advisable to provide examples of performance of the routine tasks as interview answers. The examples are irrefutable, verifiable, and easier for the interviewers to document. A claim of abilities may be perfectly honest, but it's better to give an interview answer with direct proof.

  • Proof of meeting job criteria.

Special needs don't apply to job criteria. The principle of appointment on merit is the guiding methodology. Interview answers must be up to standards.

  • Any other special needs considerations legitimately related to

Depending on the nature of the special needs, an employer may legally ask interview questions which might directly relate to an applicant's handicap or medical condition. The best approach to these interview questions is documentation from the right medical source. Again, the interviewers have to document their decision. If you get the job, they have to make a recommendation based on the information contained in your interview answers.

Considerations for Special Needs Applicants

Ironically, sometimes interviewees have to be careful to make sure their special needs are covered by the employer and may need to ask quite a few interview questions themselves. There's a good reason for their concern.

Some workplaces are very dangerous for people with special needs. Even today, many workplaces are primitively fitted out, lacking basic safety requirements. Something as simple as parking and an access ramp may not even exist.

People with special needs need to know:
  • what facilities are available?
  • does the employer show clear, up to date, understanding of special needs issues?
  • did the employer make any reference to your special needs, when advising of your interview?
  • does the workplace look safe?
  • are there fire exits suitable for people with special needs like wheelchairs?
  • is the office easily navigable?

All special needs interviewees have one thing in common. They try as hard as possible to be independent. Their interview answers are based on personal achievements. They are competent assessors of their own needs. People with special needs don't have illusions about their problems.