Interview Questions and Answers: Supervisors management style interview questions

There are three fundamental issues of supervisory duties:

  • interview answers must address the supervisor's primary responsibilities
  • to the employer to perform their duties according to law

'What if' interview questions are inevitable in supervisor job interviews. You can expect several situations directly related to employment laws. These interview questions are critically important. You should refresh before the interview.

  • Interview answers must clearly define methods of supervision.

If you want the job, express your interview answers clearly. Communications skills aren't negotiable for supervisors. Every part of your interview answer has to be spelled out, saying exactly what your methods are.

  • Actions and concepts described in interview answers must be well integrated with the job's operational performance standards.

The job's essential criteria are good indicators of the operational standards and performance levels required. The two points above will describe your actions. This part of your interview answer has to demonstrate you're also working to a cohesive, performance based structure.


The interview question is a deliberate 'impossible' situation, with which most competent supervisors are very familiar.

It's Monday morning. Seven of your ten staff have called in sick. Three of them have been taking a lot of sick leave lately. You have to send one of your staff to another section to fill in. You're expecting at least 400 customers, because there's a payment date due on the Tuesday. How do you handle this situation?

'The important thing is to cover the work situation. I'd check any indications of absenteeism, but people are entitled to sick leave if they're covered by a certificate.

I first tell management about the situation, then pitch in myself with the customers. There's no choice. Operational realities come first. The only way of achieving performance targets is the best practical use of resources.'


The analysis is based on management's preferred style, this interview answer shows:

  • clear priorities regarding the situation
  • good response to sick leave/absenteeism question
  • informing management is the only real option given by the interview question

The interview answer is a full match to the job performance profile.