Interview Questions and Answers: Team leadership

The team leadership interview question is based on advanced team building skills. These are major components of some job criteria. Interview questions are often related to relationships.

Candidates for team leader positions will have the basic skills, but to give good interview answers, you need to research the positions. Be sure you know the requirements of the position, beyond general team leadership.

Interview questions will cover a range of subjects, but leadership is the most difficult. Giving a good interview answer will require examples of leadership in various forms, and in some cases specific skills.

Your interview answer

Your best approach to the leadership interview question is definitely to deal with it as you would on the job, talking to the boss. You need to show confidence and competence.

Leadership interview questions cover these skills:

  • Personal leadership
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Workplace applications of leadership
  • Supervisory skills

Personal leadership

These interview questions require an example illustrating your own performance in a leadership role as a team member. The interview answer is expressed as a situation, like problem solving.

Team building

There are various forms of the team building interview questions. They relate to your role in a team as a member. Your interview answer should show a clear role as a team builder.


Team leaders are required to motivate teams. This interview question will relate to your ability to show how you motivate a team. Use an example which explains the form of motivation, in your interview answer.

Workplace applications of leadership

These interview questions relate to direct examples of leadership. Your interview answer should show a clear role as a leader.

Supervisory skills

Any interview question regarding supervisory skills is important. Your experience and knowledge will be tested through examples and/or theoretical knowledge. This a case where revising your skills will help you give a good quality interview answer.


The interview question is 'Give an example of your leadership of a team in the workplace.'

'I was a project officer on a job where we were given a lot of trainees to fill gaps in the staff. This was an ad hoc measure by management, because of staff shortages. It devolved on me, as the most experienced person on the project team, to act as a guide for them.

I set up their training and on the job experience, and arranged a one on one session with each of them, taking them through the work. I also did regular briefing sessions, as a group and singly, to make sure they were learning their roles and getting properly oriented.

I'm pleased to say this was very successful, and we integrated our trainees into the team.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • Clear understanding of the needs of the team
  • Use of initiative
  • Good working methods
  • Good team building skills
  • Successful use of leadership in a team context.

The job criteria related to the interview question are fully answered.