Interview questions and answers: Team membership

The 'team' interview questions are an important component of the workplace relationships set of job criteria. Team membership may be crucial part of the job's role. Interview questions can cover any aspect of team membership.

This class of interview questions is based on a growing realization of the need to ensure good 'fits' in the workplace. Employers need people who know how to work in a team, and these interview questions are always important.

Do not underestimate this interview question. All 'team' interview questions can be quite demanding. Some jobs give emphasis to participation, others to roles in the team. When giving your interview answer, you need to be aware of the nature of the team, and what it has to achieve.

Your interview answer

Team membership includes a range of roles which have to be addressed:

  • Contribution to the team
  • Participation levels in the team
  • Specific role(s) in the team
  • Mutual relationships in the team

These are the hidden elements in the interview question which tell interviewers your actual team abilities.

Contribution to the team

This is an important part of the interview question. Advice, assistance to other team members, or filling in as required, you'll find there are many useful contributions you make almost unconsciously. They need to be part of your interview answer.

Participation levels in the team

Are you an active participant, a junior team member still learning, or are you further up the chain, participating and motivating others? Your interview answer will show your experience in these roles.

Specific role(s) in the team

Another critical hidden part of the interview question. Some teams have experts, those who play major roles in their teams. Use that role as part of your interview answer.

Mutual relationships in the team

A team is a group comprised of multiple relationships. A person who's sociable and gets on well with others is a natural team builder. In your interview answer, you need to describe how you work in this context.


A team player is required in a workplace where mutual reliability and support is very important. The question is 'How do you see your role, as a team member?'

'I enjoy the team environment. I contribute my knowledge advice and experience. I make sure my role, in whatever capacity, is supportive. In my previous team, I was one of the experts, advising and helping other team members. My role was that of a 'local knowledge' expert.

I know what it means to work in a good team. It's a great experience. I like the social aspect, making friends. It makes for a good workplace environment.'


This interview answer demonstrates:

  • Positive team values
  • Understanding of the roles of team membership
  • Good participation
  • Team building abilities
  • Experienced team member

The job criteria are fully covered by this interview answer.