Interview Questions and Answers: 'What do you consider to be the requirements of this position?'

Remember, the question is actually about the position, not yourself. You're being asked to identify the needs of the job.

In some cases, the interviewers will be looking for specific information. If you're not sure what they want, ask.

There are two fundamental areas you must cover in your interview answer:

  • objectives of the position
  • requirements to perform the job's role

Your interview answer has to cover the requirements of the job in some depth. This can be demanding, but the scope of the interview question has to be covered fully.

Objectives of the Position

To structure your interview answer, you need to start by stating the objectives of the job.

What the purpose of the job? How does it operate in terms of the organization?

What are its responsibilities?

The interview answer is usually best expressed as a statement of the functions of the position.

This part of your interview answer indicates that you understand the basic objectives of the job. Remember that the interview question is testing your basic knowledge.

Requirements to Perform the Job's Role

This is Part Two of your interview answer. The essential job skills are the fundamental requirements of doing the work.

This part of your interview answer is saying:

  • this is the job's role
  • this is what's required to do the job


The job is a sales assistant in an upmarket retail store. The question is 'What do you feel are the requirements of this job?'

Note: that the bullet points represent the candidate speaking clearly, stressing each element in response to the interview question.

The objective of the job is to provide good quality customer care in a demanding retail environment.

To achieve a high standard of customer care, the job requires:

  • good customer advisory skills,
  • strong knowledge of retail business practices,
  • familiarity with the industry and products.
  • knowledge of the business' operating systems and services

This interview answer demonstrates:

  • awareness of the job's basic role
  • understanding of the requirement for quality customer service
  • awareness of the customer base (upmarket)
  • knowledge of retail business practices requirements
  • understanding of the need for familiarity with products and services
  • knowledge of operating system and business services requirements

The interview question has been answered in detail, covering all aspects.