Interview Questions and Answers: What do you like about this work?

As an interviewee, this interview question is very much worth asking yourself. Every job has particular characteristics. What appeals to you about the work? Why do you prefer this sort of work? What makes it a good job?

These are the common factors in good interview answers:

  • the work is interesting
  • the job involves doing something you like doing
  • the challenges are stimulating
  • the work is stimulating
  • the work is the practical application of personal values
  • you enjoy the work environment

Everyone has a their own strong personal preferences. Motivations are sometimes hard to pin down, even for yourself.

Of those common factors, which are the best descriptions, the ones you'd give as an interview answer?

Now ask yourself why those options would be your preferred interview answer. That will tell you exactly what you like about the work.

The Work is Interesting

Specifically, what's interesting about it? Use that description as part of your interview answer, to explain your preferences.

The Job Involves Doing Something you like Doing

This implies both experience and a Preferred Working Style, which is very relevant to employers. Your interview answer will be excellent, if you can explain your preferences.

The Challenges are Stimulating

Remember this interview question is about motivation. Some people are genuinely stimulated by the difficulties of their work. Explain why you like the challenges in your interview answer.

The Work is the Practical Application of Personal Values

You can see from such a deeply personal type of response that this can be a very relevant interview question. This interview answer often relates to tough jobs like frontline social work.

You Enjoy the Work Environment

Some people thrive in work environments that others can't stand. In your interview answer explain what you really enjoy about the workplace.


The job is a busy counter inquiries position. The interview question is 'What appeals to you about this type of work?'

'I like the variety. There's a lot of different situations, new issues, and problem solving. I also like the work environment. It's fast paced, never gets dull, and I enjoy helping the people with their problems. It's very rewarding, to know that you've achieved something every day.'


The interview answer demonstrates:

  • preference for public contact work
  • enjoys helping clients
  • motivated by problem solving role
  • happy and experienced in work environment

The applicant is clearly well suited to the position.